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Premium Coffee

We buy small quantities of artisan roasted Vivace coffees and pull only the best shots, anything less and we start over.


Items such as breakfast sandwiches, muffins, and breakfast burritos. Served fresh and made while you wait.


Fresh ingredients and made to order, our food is a local secret. Get here before it’s gone.

This small town coffee shop offered a variety of beverages as well as some fresh local baked goods. I stopped in for a quick snickerdoodle cookie and it was made fresh on the island earlier that day, very soft and tasty.

Sean Cambell

Seattle, Washington

Fast, friendly, good everything bagel, good blended green tea. I’d start a card if I knew when I’d be back to Friday Harbor.

Sarah Parker

Friday Harbor, Washington

Hands down, awesome coffee; I had the Real CaramelĀ Latte and I had to order a second one. if I go anywhere else its nowhere as good as the Crows Nest.

Michael Gorbish

San Francisco, California